Freitag, 4. November 2011

Thank you for a great evening !!!

Thanks to the dancers for a great performance and a lot of 
patience and commitment !!!
Thanks to Niko for the beautiful light !!!
Thanks to Dorian for being without mom and dad for hours !!!
Thanks to Zekai for inviting us and always supporting us !!!
Thanks to Mirka, Elcim und Anna for taking care of Dorian !!!
Thanks to Petair und Oskar for filming !!!
Thanks to IRIEDAILY for uncomplicated support with a smile !!!
Thanks to Malou for being with us !!!
Thanks to Szu-Wei who learned so fast and put so much energie !!!
Thanks to Mechthild for supporting us with so much engagement !!!
Thanks to Ale, Gabrio, Nobule, Asawela and Mali for the love !!!
Thanks to Mio for being there !!!
Thanks to Peter for being Peter ;) 

Thanks to Evrybody who participated and helped !!!

Youngung Sebastian Kim, Marie-Eve Quilicot, Christian Garmatter, Raphael Hillebrandt

Marie-Eve Quilicot, Christian Garmatter

Youngung Sebastian Kim

Raphael Hillebrandt, Youngung Sebastian Kim

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