Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

5 Degrees Of Separation !!! Premiere Upcoming !!!

As KooneCompany was chosen by the Goethe Institut Montreal for their Dance Residency Programm in summer 2011, we created the 1 hour length piece: "5 Degrees Of Separation" .

After the good work in Montreal we take the next step and show the premiere of the piece on the 3rd of november in Herne at the Kulturzentrum Herne ...
The premiere will be part of the well known "Pottporus Festival" initiated by Pottporus e.V. / Renegade Theatre .

We hope you will all spread the word and join us on this special evening !!!

Choreographer / Director : Denis "Kooné" Kuhnert
Konzept: Enkidu rankX , Denis "Kooné" Kuhnert
Dramaturgie: Enkidu rankX
From and with: Marie Eve Quilicot (CA), Christian Garmatter (CA,GER),
Raphael Hillebrandt (GER), Youngung Sebastian Kim (GER;KOR)

Premiere: 3. November 2011 , start: 19.30 uhr


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  1. Ping und Konzept ;-) Hab mal das Konzept online gestellt...